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With so much at stake -- including a face full of slime -- Interrogation brings game night competition to the next level. Can you keep your nerve and answer trivia questions while sticky, gooey, green goop drips toward your face? In each round, one player from each team acts as the Interrogator (who asks the questions) and one as the Subject (who answers the questions). The Subjects lie on their backs while the slime crane hovers overhead and the Interrogators fire off quick trivia questions for their teammates. If you answer correctly, the crane moves over to your opponent -- but don't get too comfortable, if they answer correctly the crane moves back to you! The round ends when slime finally drips onto one of the Subjects' heads -- don't let it be you. Includes slime crane, bag of slime and 112 trivia cards. This thrilling team quiz game is perfect for adult game night or teens 14 years old and up.
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