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Grove Gift Tray: Sweet citrus + tempting treats = a great gift. When you pack a tray full of indulgent sweets and surround them with our perfectly ripe fruit, you have gift perfection. Our seedless Grove Navel Oranges and easy-peel, extra sweet Honey-Sweet Tangerines are packed in a tray full irresistible treats. Your gift recipients will love the Holiday Spice Cookies, Milk Chocolate Candy, our Joy box filled with Dark Chocolate Covered Salted Caramels, and Fruit and Nut Snack. Healthy and heavenly all in one great gift. -Chocolate, cookies and snacks -Gift box appeals to all ages -Ideal for friends and family Contents -4 Grove Navel Oranges -5 Honey-Sweet Tangerines -2.5 oz. Holiday Spice Cookies -4 oz. Foil wrapped Milk Chocolates -9 oz. Dark Chocolate Covered Salted Caramels -3 oz. Fruit and Nut Snack
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