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Optimize your DSLR astrophotography setup and take full advantage of full-frame sensors with this handy adapter. The Superwide 2" Prime Focus Adapter provides the widest possible clear aperture to minimize vignetting - darkening around the edges of the image sensor - in astrophoto exposures, even when using cameras with large, full frame sensors. Nearly 10mm wider than standard T-adapters and T-rings, the Orion Superwide 2" Prime Focus Adapter boasts a clear aperture of 47.4mm for great DSLR imaging performance. Consisting of a 2" T-adapter with an integrated Nikon F-mount bayonet, this useful Prime Focus Adapter allows secure attachment of any Nikon F-mount DSLR camera to a 2" telescope focuser. Unlike standard T-adapters with 42mm T-threads and often an even narrower clear aperture, the Superwide 2" Prime Focus Adapter doesn't constrict the light path to the camera, meaning APS-C and full-frame cameras can be used to their full potential. Its unique tapered barrel provides an extra-secure connection to keep the adapter and attached camera from detaching from a telescope should the focuser collar thumbscrews become loose.Made of machined, black anodized aluminum, the Superwide 2" Prime Focus Adapter features internal glare threads and a flat black finish to help reduce reflections for excellent image contrast. Adds only 10mm of optical length to astrophotography setups when installed, and weighs just 1.4 ounces. Threaded for use with 2" Orion filters.
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