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These Mini candles are great in getting a mini burst of energy out there. If you are looking for a full effect of the spell please consider purchasing the larger candles. Your candle is dressed with herbs and oil inside the candle.<br /><br />Do you have a hard time connecting with your partner? Does your partner say they love you yet they can &#39;t be with you because of certain reasons ? Are you tired of hurting each other or blaming one another? If so, use this candle to help promote the positive energies into your relationship now.<br /><br />Love & Healing Candles are great for promoting healing and love energy between couples that are struggling to get their relationship back on track. The white wax brings in the healing energy that is needed for the couple. Letting go of any pain and hurt is necessary for both parties. The red wax helps bring the loving energy around for both people that are involved in the relationship. No matter what the issues are, this cand
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